Personal Savings made simple!

Each individual and business is unique and hence have specific requisites. Our saving plans are customizable and customer satisfaction centric to offer you with a wide array of financing alternatives. We now offer tailor made savings based on the nature, scope and goal of your requirements.

Types of Personal Savings Accounts

Ordinary Savings Account

This is an account that is used for processing salaries, pensions and normal savings.


  • Competitive interest rates.
  • No withdrawals limits.
  • Use VISA branded ATM and mobile banking to operate the account.
  • No ledger fees.

Fixed Deposit Account

This is an account that earns interest on savings over a period of time.


  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Reasonable minimum amount of KSh. 20,000
  • Can be used to access a loan.
  • You forfeit interest if you withdraw before maturity.

Call Deposit Account

This is an account that is flexible to deposit savings and can be used to earn reasonable interest on money that is idle.


  • The funds can be recalled any time and earn interest.
  • Earn interest on daily basis.
  • Competitive interest rates.